Forecast Worksheet:

Janice Sheilds
Spates Brown

Roth IUL Plan Starting at

$1,500 per month

You can contribute up to

$3,020 per month


$36,236 per year

Based on Max Funding - Illustrated Rate


Projected Accumulation

(@ 69):

Lifetime Annual Income

(@ 69):

Survivor Benefit - Paid to Beneficiaries Upon Death

(Survivor benefit can be accelerated if needed for critical illness)

Starting at



Up to $1,404,730

Lifetime Forecast

Total contributions over

15 years:

Annual tax-free income:


Total tax-free revenue received over

26 years:

Your survivor benefit at the age of





Money received from income stream:


Survivor benefit paid to your beneficiaries:

+ $362,103

Total Received

= $3,690,519

Total Contributions

- $543,540

Lifetime Tax-Free Net Yield


*All figures are projected and not guaranteed, are based on approval, a full illustration of benefits will be provided at that time.
*Applicant can stop contributions before/after projected age which will affect change amounts accordingly. Projections are based on max-funding.

Forecast Date:

October 25, 2022



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