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Tax-free retirement income is not a new idea

Unfortunately the conventional methods such as the traditional Roth have not kept pace with income levels. Our team can bridge the gap for those seeking to save money that can be removed in retirement, tax-free and we can engineer your account to meet all of your needs.
An investment grade, tax-free, no limits Roth will help you achieve the perfect blend for you and your family. We believe your new Roth IUL account is so compelling and irresistible that you will tell your friends and relatives about all of its features and benefits.
Our carrier has been in business for over 125 years, has assets of more than $1 Trillion, provides an iron clad No-Loss Guarantee, is A+ rated and has a host of benefits that meet our strict guidelines. Feel safe knowing all accounts will be opened by State Licensed professionals.

Here Is how it works

A traditional Roth has limitations that restrict the taxpayer in ways that sometimes makes it unusable or impractical for many people. That is the reason that an Investment grade, No-limits Roth IUL (Indexed Universal Life) makes more sense for most people.

The roth concept

“Roth” has been synonymous with “tax-free” since the mid to late 1990s. It was originally developed as a way to accumulate retirement money that would not get taxed as the Roth owner turned the corner into retirement. The idea is based on the fact that every other retirement vehicle such as a 401K, 457b, 403b, and traditional IRAs, all have one thing in common…they are all taxed as the money is removed. Furthermore, not only is the “growth” taxed, but 100% of the principal is subject to Federal and State income taxes. Historical trends demonstrate that taxes will be increasing in the years to come.

| What you get

Acceleated survivor benefit

A person develops a terminal or severe disease

Their Survivor Benefit pays a portion of their benefit early

The person pays for medical bills or other expenses with the money

Their beneficiaries will get the remainder of the survivor benefit when they die

This works the same way as a Survivor Benefit, but it pays out even if you are still alive. If a qualifying event such as cancer, heart attack or stroke stops you in your tracks because you need to attend to your illness then you can accelerate your Survivor Benefit to pay extra bills, fill in because of lost income, or to use for special treatments, or additional help around the house.

The money paid in the acceleration will reduce the amount remaining in your Survivor Benefit but it might be the very reason why you can get by financially while you heal and get back on your feet.

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