Carol O’Massey

Honestly, I had no idea that most, if not all retirement accounts are taxable. Frankly, I didn’t even realize that because I earn more than $200k, that there any tax-free accounts available to me. Then I learned about the Roth IUL. I was sold. I am heading toward receiving $67k to $87k per year in […]

Mark Cummings

My financial planner didn’t know about the Roth IUL. All he knew about was putting me into things that didn’t work for me (maybe they worked for him!). Anyway, after looking into and reading about all the great reviews, I opened a Roth IUL and am contributing $500 per month for now. I am 39 […]

Ryan Owens

I had no idea that I could earn so much in an account that ultimately comes back to me as tax-free. I had no idea this could be done! What a find!!!! Thanks Roth IUL

Rick Paloma Jr

I opened a Roth IUL for myself and my wife. Next year we plan to open one for each of our children. We can take the money out tax-free and we can use the kids money for college. It is way better than a college fund and much more accessible. I recommend the Roth IUL […]

Maxine Markson

I heard about the Roth IUL from a wealthy friend of mine who seems to always have the answers. He explained how wealthy people have always found ways to generate tax-free vehicles, because they knew how taxes work for or against you. I am now thinking like a “wealthy person” and am building my retirement […]

Leslie Freund

Social Security is taxable. 401K’s are taxable (and they lose money). IRA’s are taxable. Everything is taxable in retirement…EXCEPT the Roth IUL is NOT TAXABLE. My advice to everyone, check out the Roth IUL, it is an awesome place to build generational wealth. I now tell all my friends and relatives, open a Roth IUL, […]

Steve Lee

I looked at Crypto, too risky. The stock market was always a bust for me. Money market is too low, so are CD’s. I took all of money and put it in my savings account, then I was earning practically zero. Then I found out about the Roth IUL. High rates of interest, survivor benefit, […]

Chris Townsend

I had heard about a Roth IRA, but not a Roth IUL. I earn too much for a Roth IRA, but the Roth IUL was perfect for me. I am contributing $450 per month, but I can increase to over $1200 per month and if I reach that level, I will have over $67,000 in […]

Ben Solomon

At the age of 42, I was quickly realizing that my retirement strategy, which was basically relying on Social Security and my deferred compensation from work, was going to get me where I needed to go in retirement. After my discovery call with Roth IUL, I realized that I can double my income in retirement, […]

Rachel Carlson

I learned about the Roth IUL from a friend who told me about it more than 2 years ago. I never looked into it, but after I lost another $20k in my 401K, I had to find another way. Now, I am protected and I am expecting more than $35,000 per year in tax free […]